School Ready Kidz

School Readiness

What is the School Ready Kidz? 

School Ready Kidz is a 9 week program which offers an inclusive environment for children who are preparing to transition to school. This small group supports children to feel comfortable in their daily routines alongside their peers, whilst building skills through engaging play-based activities. 

  • Demonstrate independence skills, such as caring for belongings and managing zips on school bags. 
  • Engage in small group activities, facilitated by an adult. 
  • Share experiences with peers and adults. 
  • Familiarise with daily routines and transitions in a semi-structured group. 
  • Strengthen gross motor and fine motor abilities through play-based activities. 

Who should attend this program? 

This group is for children who are transitioning to kindergarten in 2024. Expressions of interest are welcome for children of all abilities. 

When and where does it run? 

The group runs weekly during NSW school terms for 1.5 hrs. Contact us for further information. 

Who runs the program? 

The program is delivered by a transdisciplinary team of:

  • Special Educators
  • Speech Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Behaviour support specialists
  • Therapy assistants.

How can I enrol my child in the program?

Contact us to enrol your child to our School Ready Kidz program.

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