Sing, Sign & Storytime

Sing, Sign & Storytime Program

About the Program 

This group is for parents and young children to engage socially; adding signs to spoken words through songs and stories. Sing, Sign and Storytime is an interactive opportunity to play, meet new friends and learn a new skill together, incorporating Key Word Sign.


  • Imitate signs and natural gestures
  • Build Key Word Sign vocabulary for both children and parents
  • Extend expressive and receptive communication ability
  • Promote self expression through the use of rhythm and music

Who Should Attend This Program?

This group is open to children of all language abilities, under the age of 4. No key word sign experience is necessary.

When / Where is the Program?

  • Mondays, Term 3, 9:00am – 10:30am
  • Beaumont Hills Community Centre

Who Runs the Program?

This group is facilitated by one of our speech pathologists and supported by therapy assistants.

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