Child & Family Support

Child and Family Support

What is Child & Family Support? 

Child and Family Support aims to maximise engagement, relationships, and overall family functioning. This service is highly individualised to the needs of the child and family. The service primarily focuses on three key areas;  

  • parent/family support,  
  • relationship support and 
  • support with navigating a new diagnosis.

What can we work on with our Child and Family Therapist? 

Child and family support works in three key areas: Parent support, relationship support, and diagnosis support. Areas that might be addressed in each key area include: 

Parent and family support

  • Parenting support-building confidence and strategies that work for you 
  • Navigating differences in parenting style 
  • Promoting positive family dynamics  
  • Empowering families with knowledge and skills to support themselves and their child/children 
  • Family separation  
  • Reducing stress in the family and everyday routines  
  • Exploration of overall family and child needs and connection to appropriate formal supports that cater to these needs  

Relationship support

  • Promoting engagement in play with your child 
  • Building confidence in engagement  
  • Understanding your child, their behaviour and how to maximise connection 

Diagnosis support  

  • Navigating/processing a new diagnosis  
  • Accessing information and gaining knowledge 
  • How to discuss a diagnosis with your child and the important people in their life 

What happens during a session? 

At the initial consultation, we will complete an informal assessment to determine your child’s strengths and needs. From here, you and your therapist will set individual therapy goals and a family support plan which is unique to the child’s strengths and needs and reflects the families’ priorities. Depending on the location of your therapy, sessions can range from 30-90 minutes. Our therapists will work collaboratively with your child’s team (e.g., family, allied health, educators) to ensure consistent implementation of therapy strategies across all relevant settings.  

A CFS service will typically involve 3 stages:  

  1. Information gathering and observation in the home or community environments 
  2. Developing goals that target the needs of family and child 
  3. Developing a comprehensive  

*Child and Family Support is a highly individualised service and therefore may look different for every child and family.   

How can child and family support services at Fit Kidz Foundation be funded? 

Child and Family Support services can vary depending on the time needed per session and travel requirements. Services can be funded using your child’s NDIS package. Alternatively, if you are not eligible for NDIS funding, services can be funded by private funding, Medicare, or private health insurance. 

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